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Renaldi’s Pizza Pub
Renaldi’s Pizza Pub Visit
2827 N. Broadway St

Faux-white tea roses sprout from pint-sized Pellegrino bottles resting on red-and-white tablecloths. Glass cloves of garlic and portraits of grapes hang beside booths lit by bell-shaped lamps. An assortment of tunes-everything from Aretha Franklin and Rod Stewart to Rihanna and Alicia Keys-keeps the diverse range of guests happy. Young couples come in matching sports attire, both Cubs and Bears gear. Two friends anxiously gab about an upcoming trip to San Juan while awaiting their meals, and a middle-aged group of four shares the pizza a la garbage (sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and pepperoni pizza; $25.25).

American Barn Company
American Barn Company Visit
3808 N. Clark St
Chicago 60613

Jay Wikary has been a remodeling contractor for almost 3 decades. After years of seeing dozens of beautiful barns destroyed to make way for new construction, he stumbled upon the idea of recycling the structures - turning the vintage wood into custom furniture, flooring and other decorative creations. the american barn company was born in 1996, with a store & showroom in chicago to follow in 1999. this was a way to share with the public; the look and feel that only comes with 100 years of natural weathering. jay has since found other craftsmen & artisans in the area who feel the same way he does about barns. that although no longer needed for their original purpose, these old storied barns still have many good years of life left in them :: hence our motto ... “bringing new life to old wood” shop manager: Dan Mousel, has been working with American Barn Company for several years. with his knowledge of vintage wood and superb craftsmanship skills, Dan gives barn wood a great new look! from harvest tables to cabinets or custom installs, Dan’s work is nothing but the best.

Sura Thai Bistro
Sura Thai Bistro Visit
3124 N Broadway St
Chicago 60657

So when they coined the phrase "Bang for your Buck" they must have been thinking of Sura. Each dish was just an array of different flavors, none of them overwhelming each other and all magnificent!! I swear that the chef was an artist too because each plate looked like a work of art. I felt like I was destroying something beautiful....actually I did. I devoured everything in front of me and almost started licking the plate.

Eclipse Imports

2863 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

Harlon’s Antiques

3058 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

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Imperial Tower Market

4250 N Marine Dr
Chicago 60613

Industrial Nation

3420 N. Halsted
Chicago 60657

Beatnix Visit
3400 N. Halsted St
Chicago 60657

Feathery angel wings float near spinning disco balls: You know you’re in retro heaven. There’s no shortage of vinyl or rhinestones, and the clientele is equally flashy. It’s not unusual to see a drag queen trying on size 12 platforms, or a straight guy in search of stilettos. No matter who you are, what you’re looking for, what you look like or what you want to look like, open-minded staff won’t bat an eyelash--real or false.

Graceland Cemetery
Graceland Cemetery Visit
4001 N. Irving Park

People are just dying to get in.

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Hubba Hubba
Hubba Hubba Visit
3309 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

I love this place. While everything doesn’t appeal to me, they have an interesting mix of clothing styles, and it’s fun to search through all their stuff. Also, they have great deals if you are on their mailing list. The employees are fabulous to boot. They are one of the few places that I can find in Chicago that carries XCVI, and they even called me to let me know when they got a new shipment in b/c they knew I liked that brand.

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