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CeCe Shoes

3729 N. Southport Ave
Chicago 60613

Their cool looking window display first grabbed my attention. I just love shops like this one because they are not the "man" chain stores. You may want to check them out and hopefully they can stay around for a while. They have a hip and interesting selection of shoes, purses and other items to jazz up your wardrobe.

Subway Visit
3821 N Broadway
Chicago 60613

Subway sandwiches

Architectural Revolution
Architectural Revolution Visit
856 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

This is a really interesting store! They’ve got awesome decorations for apartments and offices. They also have a wide selection of bamboo and...

Howard’s Wine Cellar
Howard’s Wine Cellar Visit
1244 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

Howard’s is AWESOME!

A lot of people don’t know it, but Howard Slverman was THE guy in the wine department at Sam’s for 20 years. I don’t just mean that he was the most knowledgeable, I mean he was the director until he had a falling out with Fred Rosen’s sons in the mid-90s. Get to know him and he’ll tell you some pretty funny tales about it. Anyway, he knows as much about wine as anyone on the planet. Period. This is not an exaggeration.

Chicago Antique Centre Ltd.

3045 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

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The Renovation Source
The Renovation Source Visit
3512 N. Southport
Chicago 60657

Rehabbers, decorators and designers can find everything they need to fix up a home--inside and out. The decor is what’s for sale: Stair rails and stained-glass windows hang above hardware, furniture and decorative touches.

Gallery Bookstore, Ltd.
Gallery Bookstore, Ltd. Visit
923 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

What a fabulous little hole in the wall used bookstore. I decided to check it out while waiting for my Milios hair appointment and loved it, from the floor to ceiling shelves crammed with books to the great selection. The gentleman didn’t judge me when I said I was just looking and was able to point me right to what I asked for when I did decide. They had a fairly new book I wanted at a great price and he even knew that it was a sequel to the historical fiction book that came before it. I will definitely make it a point to go here whenever I’m up at Belmont!

Wrigleyville Pizza-Ria

3515 N. Clark



Equinox Visit
3401 N. Broadway
Chicago 60657

I can’t even begin to describe this shop, it can’t be done. They have it all. From furniture, lighting, home decor to giftware and know how to put it together. Without doubt, the best shop in Chicago. Kudos to the owners and staff.

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Forgotten Treasures

2039 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

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