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Century Mall

2828 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

Stella’s Diner
Stella’s Diner Visit
3042 N. Broadway Ave

To get a good idea of what you’ll find at Stella’s Diner, imagine a typical diner, grill heavy menu, glass dessert cases, vinyl booths and then bump things up a notch in terms of quality. The result is a colorful, uber-friendly diner that’s authentic without being greasy and trendy without overdosing on the kitsch. And odds are, if the owner, Gus, is present when you’re being seated, he’ll ask your name and introduce himself, no small feat of friendliness on this crowded Lakeview strip.

Hot Threads
Hot Threads Visit
3223 N. Clark St
Chicago 60657

I really like this store. They tons of cute club clothes and their not too expensive. The place is small but worth checking out.

Matisse Tavern & Grill
Matisse Tavern & Grill Visit
674 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago 60614

This casual underground lounge consistently packs in low-key, neighborhood 20- and 30-somethings. Red-hued and honorable to its namesake, the dimly lit space is intimate (read: tiny), with a dozen or so tables (low two-tops with velvet banquettes and tall four-seaters) squeezed around the perimeter; larger groups vie for a single booth at back, or crowd the bar. A central fireplace keeps things toasty when necessary, and alternative and light house tunes provide a conversation-friendly soundtrack.

Industrial Nation

3420 N. Halsted
Chicago 60657

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Addison Liquors
Addison Liquors Visit
932 W Addison St

When I get off the train and don’t want to hassle w/ getting my beer and liquor this is the spot. Usual liquor store prices and right under the El (next to a taco stand too so bonus points!). I was so excited that this was one of the few stores in Chicago that began carrying Shiner Bock when it came to the city! and at a reasonable price too. The only thing I hate is that you have to spend over $10 to pay with a credit card which when I buy a 6 pack of Summer Ale doesn’t work out, so fine...through in a small bottle of Captain that price might as well go up to the larger one, more worth the money.

Miscellania Antiques Ltd.

1800 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

Chicago Antique Centre Ltd.

3045 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

Exhibit Visit
2961 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago 60657

It’s pretty darned rare to find a place that never disappoints. Turned on to Exhibit by my more "fashion-forward" friends, it’s one of the only places that I know I’m guaranteed to find something I love everytime. Plus, once you meet the owner, Heather, you’re even more excited to do your shopping there - she’s an absolute peach (to channel my grandmother just a bit). All in all, between the attentive (not pushy) service, the awesome selections and the opportunity to avoid being seen in some cookie-cutter outfit, I can’t think of any place I’d rather stock my closet.

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Elias Womenswear
Elias Womenswear Visit
2919 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

Storeowner Monique Elias designs some of the clothing, including brocade skirts and wrap shirts. The rest is from lines such as Kenzie, Hazel, BCBG and Karavan. Colorful, youthful tops and bottoms are funky without being over-the-top. Beaded purses and jewelry are made by other designers and sold on consignment. Women’s clothing runs sizes 2 to 12, and all sales are final.

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