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Jan Dee Jewelry
Jan Dee Jewelry Visit
1425 W. Diversey Pkwy
Chicago 60614

Jan Dee is truly one of the nicest women around. Also, the product here is amazing. My mom’s been shopping here for DECADES.
We decided to get my engagement/wedding ring here, and Shirley has been so wonderful. I’m getting a unique ring that’ll have my great-grandmother’s stones. No, my fiance and I aren’t rolling in cash, so they’ve been really nice about us paying in tiny installments.
Honestly, this place is awesome, and I wouldn’t think of going to another jeweler, ever.

Spare Parts
Spare Parts Visit
2947 N. Broadway
Chicago 60657

The unique objects for sale are as colorful as the space they’re displayed in. Browsing through the wide array of goodies is a bit like searching for hidden treasure. Merchandise is arranged hanging, on tables or in display cases. The friendly staff is happy to make suggestions, or point out unusual items.

Lincoln Avenue Antiques Ltd

3851 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60613

Chicago Antique Centre Ltd.

3045 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

Gold Coast Gallery
Gold Coast Gallery Visit
3020 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

The museum-like setting of this gallery makes it a magnificent choice, whether you choose to shop, buy, or just browse in order to better hone your taste and your eye. Among the goods they offer are fine furniture, collectibles, lighting fixtures, and paintings.

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Intaglia Visit
2831 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

What a great little furniture store--all the products are appealingly arranged, with enough space to walk around, try things out, etc. While there weren’t a lot of sales items, there was quite a bit of choice when it came to fabrics for the 2 chairs we picked out. The sales staff was helpful--offering suggestions and knowing when to leave us alone while we made our decisions.

Duomo Visit
2906 N. Broadway
Chicago 60657

Duomo’s offers contemporary fashions at about a third of the original price. The difference is, Duomo’s provides a little resale glamour for the fellas. Browse the store, and you’ll see all the big labels from major designers, including Armani, Gucci, Prada, Versace and more. And with a full selection of suits, slacks, dress shirts and ties, you can be clad like a king without breaking the bank. All items are kept in the store for no more than 90 days, so the selection constantly changes. Duomo’s also carries year-end pieces from major department stores nationwide; time your shopping just right, and you could make an off-season killing.

Bike Stop Cycle and Blades

1034 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

Bike Stop Cycle and Blades
1034 W. Belmont

99th Floor

3406 N. Halsted
Chicago 60657

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Mr. Video

3356 N. Broadway
Chicago 60657

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