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Casa Campos

3326 N. Clark
Chicago 60657

Windy City Gyros
Windy City Gyros Visit
3932 N Broadway

I’ve been back about a dozen times now, perhaps more, and have tried several different things. The gyros are quite good, but not particularly different or better than other places around. The hot dogs are nothing to write home about, but the chicken pita might be the star of the show. Everything’s made to order, cops eat here, and there’s always a pretty interesting mix of people dining in... so you know it’s good.
Solid choice if you’re hankering for some grease.

Seven Star

3352 N Broadway St
Chicago 60657

It is a great place to pick up little things i need for the house when i am short on time and don’t want to deal with the Jewel or Treasure Island down the street.
They even have a few Asian items you wouldn’t expect at the back of the store.

Shop 913

913 W. Belmont
Chicago 60657

IHOP - House of Pancakes
IHOP - House of Pancakes Visit
IHOP - House of Pancakes

Pancakes, burgers...

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A Little Bit of This
A Little Bit of This Visit
3515 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago 60657

The UPS Store
The UPS Store Visit
3501 N. Southport Ave
Chicago 60657

Danger City

2129 W. Belmont
Chicago 60618

Urban history collectibles.

Chair Visit
3402 N. Southport
Chicago 60657

The sign above the tiny shop near the Ravenswood L tracks at 3402 N. Southport says "Chair" and that’s what you’ll find inside - chairs, period.

A flat-splat-back kitchen chair in need of paint for $30, a pair of pale walnut veneer Biedermeier side chairs too delicate to sit on for $5,200, a 1940s leather club chair with ottoman in mint condition for $950, and just about anything in between that’s made for just one person to sit upon is in the shop.

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Du’a Watch & Jewelry Repairs
Du’a Watch & Jewelry Repairs Visit
3017 N. Broadway
Chicago 60657

my guy needed to have links taken out of his new watch band. he called several places, prices starting at $25, which seemed like a lot. we called du’a, and they said it was usually $8-15, so we went down there.

it’s a tiny place on broadway near wellington, i’ve walked past it a million times and never noticed it before. he took the links out, clearly knew what he was doing, did it while we waited and charged $10. bargain!

i would say this guy clearly knows his way around a watch, and would happily use his services again.

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