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Gold Coast Gallery
Gold Coast Gallery Visit
3020 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

The museum-like setting of this gallery makes it a magnificent choice, whether you choose to shop, buy, or just browse in order to better hone your taste and your eye. Among the goods they offer are fine furniture, collectibles, lighting fixtures, and paintings.

Lake View Antiques

3422 N. Lincoln
Chicago 60657

Caribou Coffee
Caribou Coffee Visit
3300 N. Broadway St

Comfortable couches and lodge-inspired decor make Caribou the perfect place to linger over a latte, mocha, vanilla cooler or one of its other frozen-blended coffee sensations (better known as Caribou Coolers). For something with a little less punch, choose from a nice selection of premium teas and fruit smoothies. You’ll also find a few pre-packaged sandwiches and salads, as well as muffins and the like, but coffee-based drinks and a warm, relaxed atmosphere are the focus.

Think Small
Think Small Visit
3209 N Clark St
Chicago 60657

This is the perfect store for any dollhouse needs! They’ve got all sorts of miniature furniture and accessories for a dollhouse, even down to food! They also have a workshop here where they build dollhouses and they can turn any real house into a dollhouse from a picture or even from blueprints!

Lake Shore Commissaries

3950 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago 60613

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Cesar’s Visit
2924 N. Broadway Ave

Dead men tell no lies, and neither, it seems, do giant neon signs. "The Killer Margaritas" blazes above Cesar’s door, an assertion backed by eight fruity choices (available large, jumbo and mega) and 18 tequilas. Sip it on the rocks or frozen, tableside or at one of three bars at this moderately-priced Mexican hot spot.

Chicago Olde Antiques

2336 W. Belmont
Chicago 60618

Intelligentsia Broadway Store
Intelligentsia Broadway Store Visit
3123 N. Broadway

The plan was simple: source great green coffee, roast daily, and serve extraordinary espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and tea. Newlyweds Doug Zell and Emily Mange had worked long hours planning and building their store: they had a 12-kilo Probat Roaster, a few 150lb sacks of green beans, and a steely determination to bring quality, fresh-roasted coffee to Chicago. There were a few complaints (A customer threatened to send them their dry cleaning bill when the exhaust from the roaster accidentally created a very smoky atmosphere!), but people from the Lakeview neighborhood soon began to notice the comfortable atmosphere and fantastic drinks.

She One
She One Visit
3402 N. Southport Ave
Chicago 60657
773- 549-969

This inviting shop may make you feel like you’ve opened a walk-in closet filled with all your favorite clothes. Women in search of stylish street-, office- or party-wear can browse through eye-catching designs on crowded racks and accessory-laden shelves. Tall windows, tasteful decorating and soft lighting keep the store feeling intimate but not too closed-in. Friendly staff is welcoming and quick to consult on any item or outfit.

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S F & C Model Trains & Hobbies

2329 W. Belmont
Chicago 60618

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